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''Who is Frances Rain?''
Summary of the Book


Summary of the Book
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Here is a quick summary of what happens in the book ''Who is Frances Rain?'' written by Margaret Buffie.

1. Lizzie and her family are driving to Gran's cottage on Rain Lake.
2. Lizzie goes to Rain Island in the canoe to explore.
3. She finds gold spectacles and the remains of a cabin on Rain Island.
4. Lizzie puts the glasses on and sees ghosts of two people.


5. Harv tells Lizzie that Frances Rain lived on Rain Island years ago.
6. Lizzie goes back to Rain  Island and sees the ghost of Frances Rain.
7. Lizzie tells Alex about the ghosts and they start to know each other and kiss at the end of the chapter.
8. Lizzie goes to Rain Island one last time and she finds a sketchbook and gives it to Frances, afterwards, Frances gives it back and dies in her bed.


9. Lizzie concludes that Frances is Gran's mother and that Teresa Rain is Gran.
10. Lizzie gives Gran the sketchbook.
11. Gran gives Lizzie Frances' signet ring so they can both share Frances' memories.



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